IN STUDIO



Natalia's studio is nestled in a quaint building the middle of Manhattan. As you walk through her door, you're enveloped in the natural light and surrounded by a blank canvas. You may take inspiration from the shadows that the exposed pipes cast at a corner, the intricate leaves of her potted plants, or the blue skyline outside the window. As soft music plays, you may flip through her books of nail art work or peer into a glass box that houses her jewelry pieces. Rest assured, she will take your vision into something even better than you had expected. Or perhaps today, you let her do whatever strikes her fancy, you let her talk you through what she thinks will suit you, and you let magic happen.





Yliukhyn’s artistry is inspired by the conscious awareness of the energy and beauty that surrounds her. Each aspect of her life serves as her muse to create from her heart.

Within the space one can experience the nail art creations and the objects. Studio visits are by appointment only and select pieces are also available for purchase online.

Nail Art:

Beginning with just nails, Yliukhyn has transformed the traditional manicure to works of art. She collaborates with each client to create a completely individualized design.

What truly sets her work apart is an exclusive technique where quality diamonds are applied directly to the nail, resulting in an effortlessly polished look.

An accessory in their own right, the nail creations are elegant yet understated. BRILLENY REAL DIAMONDS & GEMSTONES APPLICATION TECHNIQUE.

Brilleny offers unique and limited edition jewelry, which are manifested with the original use of Gold & Sterling silver.

The imaginative pieces are layered with precious metals and gem stones.

Each piece is carefully curated in the studio with the influence of Yliukhyn’s curiosity at hand.